Step by Step…Season by Season

Each and every fall, I find myself wanting to blog about the change of season that is upon us. Autumn has a way of doing something to me, inside and out. Change of weather, I suppose. The anticipation of the long winter ahead of us…Ole’ Man Winter? The loss of our sun-kissed cheeks and memories of summer nights on the pontoon. Or is it the reality of saying goodbye to another season? Whatever it is…the fall seems to bring about emotions that inspire me to write.

September, the time of year that the kids back in school, the lake cabins starting to show signs of buttoning up, the mood starts to shift to a busy, more routined life.

As much as I love this time of year, the colors of the trees and outdoors, it just simply does not last long enough. How I long for three more months of fall. Mild temperatures, crisp morning walks and bonfires with family and friends.

Flipping the calendar has its highlights which for the Berndt’s includes the cross country season. It doesn’t get much better than a late afternoon run on a golf course… at least for the spectators. The Bois De Sioux Golf course was filled to capacity for the this year’s Randy Berndt Memorial which is held every August. Runners, coaches, families, and friends all enjoyed mild temps and a wonderful day for running.

My job as “turtle” continues to keep me involved in the sport that Randy loved so much. I know he’d be so proud of all the runners…over 45 competing on the team this year. Wow… the program is so vibrant under the coaching leadership of Christy Haire and Larry Lasch. Way to go coaches!

This fall became a first for me… for over 26 years I have had the first day of school “blues” sending kids out the door to another year of learning. No one to send out the door this year, just me and my dog Max! But what a fun night on social media, seeing all the posts, “first day of school” pictures and smiles on so many faces. It warms my heart to see the excitement of the day in the photos and gently reminds me that life does go on. Seasons come and seasons go. Life just keeps moving. And I thank God every day for that.

Yes, its another year, another season and another step in my life. Empty nester… in the full sense of the word. As I look on the September calendar, I’m excited, hopeful, nervous and scared of what’s ahead. The unknown, the next chapter and uncertainty of what God has planned next for my life.

Hope and faith are what get me up in the morning and those are the blessings that I will continue to hold onto during this season. Wait, pray, wonder and live this life with the amazement of all the blessings around me.

Finding Norm is just days from being released. Can you believe it was just a year ago that I was sitting at this computer getting ready to send the manuscript to an editor? Seems like forever ago I began writing this story, and soon, it’ll be out there in the world for all of you to share.

What season am I approaching now? Time will tell… but I know this for sure, the release of Finding Norm is going to bring many new adventures, challenges, and blessings along with it. I can’t wait for the book to become a reality. Step by step… another season, another year, living in my new norm.

Step by step,

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